Increasing unethical trends are affecting our family system, according to Supreme Court Judge Justice Kuryan Joseph. Family Laws are to be amended in the light of present day scenario. The concept of living together and gay sex are increasing. The divine concept of marriage relations are diluting says Justice Kuriyan Joseph. He was inaugurating the 13th National Council Meeting of Akhil Bharatheeya Adhivakta Parishad at Bhaskareeyam convention centre at Ernakulam, Kerala. ABAP National president Adv. Baldev Raj Mahajan presided over the inauguaral fuction. Former Andra High Court Judge Justice Parvatha Rao, Adv.Jagadeep Dhankar, Adv.M.N.Krishamany, Ad.Vinayak Dixit, Adv.D. Bhatarh Kuamar, Adv.Joydeep Roy, Adv.N.Nagaresh, Adv.c.k.Sreenivasan were spoke on the occasion. 

The 13th National Council Meeting of ABAP held at Kochi 0n 26 to 28th December 2013 discussed about various issues. The theme of the Council meeting was ‘Challenges to our family system’. Former Akhil Bharatheeya Boudhik Pramukh of R.S.S and eminent thinker Sri. Ranga Hari delivered keynote speech on the theme topic. ABAP National President Adv.Baldev Raj Mahajan prersided the key note session. ABAP Patron Justice Parvatha Rao, Adv.Jitesh Sreevastava and Adv.Rajesh Sharma were also spoke on the session.

A discussion on pending Bills like Communal Violence Bill, Judicial Accountablity/ Appointments Bill, UID/Adhar were took place in the council meeting. Supreme Court senior advocate and former central minister Adv. Jagadeep Dhankar, former Supreme Court Bar Association President M.N.Krishna Many, Supreme Court Lawyer Adv. Aneesh Kumar Gupta, Adv.Koteshwara Rao, Adv. Chinmoy Chowdary etc were spoke on the session. 

ABAP All India Vice-President Adv. Kishore Bai Kotak, Organising Secretary Kamalesh Singh, Adv.P.Vijayakumar, ABAP Zonal Secretary Adv. Basanth Singh Chabba, Adv.B.Rajesh were spoke on the organizational session. 

During the session namely ‘Legal battles at Higher Courts&trial courts’Adv.Gopakumar Pillai of Chatisgarh, Adv.Narayan of Kolkotta, Adv.Adikeshavan of Tamil Nadu, Adv.Jagdeesh Rane of Rajastan, Adv.M.P.Bindre of Pune, Adv.Krishan Pahal of Uttar Pradesh, Adv.Bhupendra Rathore of Chatisgarh, Adv.Nachiketha Joshy of Supreme Court, ABAP Zonal Secretary Adv.Vikas Mahajan, Adv.Vikramjith Banerjee of Supreme Court, Adv.Pushpendra Bhatti of Rajastan High Court, Adv.Pushpendra Kaurav of Madhya Pradesh, Adv.T.C.Krishna of Kerala High Court were spoke. 

During the session ‘Evolution of Family Laws & Recent Trends’, senior Lawyer of Kerala High Court Adv.H.SubhaLekshmi presided. Adv.Meera Phadke of Karnataka High Court, Adv.Padmavally of Andara Pradesh, Adv. Monika Aroora of Supreme Court were spoke. According to Meera Phadke family Courts should give importance to women’s safety, family welfare and individual rights while considering cases. Though family courts stress on the safety of the women, it rarely benefits the women in today’s context. Law should be framed realistically and in accordance with today’s society. Adv.Keerthy Solomon of Kerala High Court and Adv.K.R.Ambili of Kollam also spoke. 

During the session ‘VISION & MISSION OF ABAP’,ABAP Working President Adv.Vinayak Dixit presided the session. ABAP All India Secretary Adv.K.Sreenivasa Moorthy of Andra Pradesh, Adv.Mukesh Garg of Haryana, Adv.Parimal Bai Pathak of Gujarat, Adv.Pramod Saxena of Bhopal, Adv.Varender Garg of Punjab were spoke. 

In the session ‘Bharatheeya family system through the ages and uniform family laws’ Adv. Hiren. V.Trivedi of Gujarat presided. ABAP National Vice-President Adv.M.B.Nargund of Karnataka, Adv.Shirash Quareshi of Supreme Court, Adv.Prabhakar Sahu of Orrissa, Adv.Lekshmi Nrayan Hegde of Karnataka, Adv. Anil Malhotra of Chandigad were spoke. 

During resolution session Adv.Vivek Thakkur of Shimla High Court, Adv.K.K.Blaram of Kerala, Adv.Vikramjith Banerjee of Supreme Court, Adv.Vimal Srivastava of Uttar Pradesh, ABAP All India President Adv. Baldev Raj Mahajan, General Secretary Adv.D.Bharath Kumar, Adv.Bhagvan Shukla were spoke. 

During the session ‘Family laws of minorities’ senior lawyer of Gwalior High Court Adv. M.M.Quareshi presided and former Supreme Court Judge Justice K.T.Thomas delivered key note speech. According to Justice Thomas, there is no specific definition about minorities in the Constitution or judgments of courts. Today those who are standing for common civil code is treated as communalists and those who are opposing is treated as secularists. If it is divided in accordance with religion, caste, language, locality everybody will come under the ambit of minorities, he adds. ABAP Working president Adv.Vinayak Dixit, Adv.M.Ramamurthy of Tamil Nadu were spoke. 

ABAP National Executive Member and member of Kerala Bar Council Adv.N.Nagaresh spoke on the problems facing by the pravasi Indians. 

Before Samarope ABAP South Zone Secretary Adv. R.Rajendran introduced the workers who worked for the success of 13th National Council meeting. 

Samarope speech was delivered by former All India Organising Secretary and Margadharshi of ABAP Mananeeya Surya Krishananji.



Reception committee office of 13TH National Council Meeting was inaugurated by Justice T.L.Viswanatha Iyer, Former Judge, Kerala High Court and Chairman of the Reception Committee. BAP State General Secretary Adv. B.Rajesh presided over the function and General Secretary of the Reception Committee Adv.N.Nagaresh explained the details about the National Council Meeting.