Nobody would have objected to some Muslim organisations protesting in Mumbai for the violence in Assam that has sent lakhs of the people in Kokrajhar and other adjoining districts into government aided relief camps. However, the protests in Mumbai that flared up into an attack on the police, on the media and ransacking of shops nearby had clearly a communal origin.

In Assam the violence has not been against Muslims alone; it has also been, and right from the beginning, organised against the local Bodo tribals mainly, who then retaliated to save their identity, honour, homes and lives. The targeting of media vans and personnel and the police and the hate speeches at the Mumbai rally betray the pre-planning. The waving of Pakistani flags at the rally and subsequent vandalism of Amar Jawan Jyoti at the CST station underline the anti-national character of the rally.

Most importantly the incident comes right when a major culprit of the 26/11 attack in Mumbai is in the city coughing out the elaborate planning and execution that went into the massacre of innocents. The capture of this culprit, known by different aliases, has been a blow to the Pakistani perpetrators of 26/11 and their Indian support line from the Indian Mujahideen that is waging a war against our country with active prompting and aid from Pakistan.

Creating violence in India by targeting the security forces and media would be the way of these traitors to deflect attention from the so-called Abu Jindal and his confessions and also a way of retaliation against the Indian state. Meanwhile, the linkages of Pakistani ISI to several Indian contacts and entities are rolling out. The Assam violence therefore cannot be seen in isolation, just as the Mumbai violence. The problem, however, is with our central government that fails to see the linkages. It continues to view the planned infiltration into Assam, the ISI working through the Bangladeshi route, especially in the Northeast, the creation of new communal hotspots in states like Meghalaya apart from Assam, the consolidation of orthodoxy leadership among the Muslims, the functioning sharia courts punishing the alleged violators of their law, provoking hartals and violent protests in Kashmir at the drop of a hat, as separate and unconnected events.

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi still refuses to see the pattern and the threat India is facing from such organised, planned and abetted pouring in of illegal migrants from mainly one community to change the demographics of his state in specific, of the entire Northeast and other states in the country. For instance, the central government that holds direct responsibility of law and order in Delhi, does nothing to stop the steady stream of Bangladeshi Muslims filing into the national capital and trying to merge with the local community.

The question in Assam, for instance, is not one of mere law and order. Even if Kokrajhar manages to come out of its long nights of violence, would it change the basic pattern of infiltrators from one community squeezing into territories enjoyed for ages by the local Bodos and others?

The entire chain of events where the minority community seeks to impose its dominance cutting through the soft spots of India, raising its numbers through illegal immigration, also appears as a subscript of the enormous pressure Hindus in Pakistan are subject to convert to Islam for fear of summary executions and harassment including threat of execution on flimsy allegations of insulting Islam (especially by quoting the infamous blasphemy law).

Right now there are several Hindu families from Pakistan waiting east of Atari for a nod from the government of India on their application to be citizens of India. The government that invokes human rights elsewhere refuses even to consider a proper shelter for these legal immigrants into India. It is ironical. The government pretends to face problems when it comes to letting Pakistan-based Hindus basic human rights and a long awaited relief by giving them Indian citizenship.

The Congress-led regime has two different criteria when it comes to dealing with the sufferings faced by Muslims and Hindus. It lets the Hindus from Pakistan remain in the trishanku region but goes out of its way to protect the Muslims illegally entering India from Bangladesh. It refuses to shed even a tear for the plight of the Pandits of Kashmir driven out of their ancestral homes and hearths and living in Indian cities by street vending.

Muslim leaders in India swear by secularism. However, that luxury is denied to minorities in Muslim majority countries anywhere. In Pakistan, Hindus have been reduced from 15 per cent at the time of Partition to less than 2 per cent now and even they also want to leave as the appeal of the some 300 Hindus who came recently reveals.

Even among Muslims in Pakistan the Sunni majority does not let other sects of Muslims live in peace. Some of them like Ahmadiyyas have been denied even recognition as Muslims by the Sunnis. That is the pattern in all of West Asia. In Saudi Arabia it is minority Shias who have no civic rights. In Shia-majority Iran the victims are the Bahais and Sunnis.

No wonder that in Mumbai there is an eruption of violence of unprecedented dimensions and brutality. The communal victimhood mindset displayed at the Mumbai protest is in a country where the proportion of Muslims have been steadily increased since Partition. In Assam itself as many as 11 districts are now Muslim majority districts according to census figures.

As a footnote one may add that after last Saturday’s violence so-called secularists who otherwise talk of Gujarat 2002 day-in and day-out have gone on a long vow of silence; even they do not have the courage to denounce the targeted attack on the TV vans and journalists. Their cowardice doubts standards in public life, as much as their prejudices are showing


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  1. Posted by prakash on October 13, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    True : All troubles of India has brought by greedy congress men and communists
    Hindus suffer from discrimination of UPA government: our Hindu born children
    are denied educational aids through out india which were given only to minorities This is an important thing that BJP should look into when it comes in power

    Who is a minority ?

    Balbirji , Hindus are really a minority : it is a confederation of different castes : no single caste is a majority then
    why majority and minority distinction? Even Hindu unity is made , our leaders should look into this question
    seriously and press for declaring all people in india are minorities . Muslims and others could bargain more as
    their claim is that they are minority . If we ask them to prove it , they can not prove

    Minority is a word discovered by Greedycongress men to divide our society : when minority and majority distinction exits , they can use it for their own convenience : Minority commission is not represented
    by real minority : it should be extended or dismantled for ever as it does not represents biggest minority
    of india Hindus.

    Success of Modi :

    Modi was attacked from right and left by media but no one can do any harm on him : Why ? Modi has done it more than anyone The great mistake made by the Adalji government is it did not do any thing for Hindus of india .Modi vision is right :Majority will rule and not minority and there is no discrimination : no discrimination of Hindus : This is his success

    Today Hindus in India knows they are facing a threat : the threat created by greedy Hindu congress and communists politicians: Both these forces are failed before Modi . He still flutters the flag even some of them are trying to stab from his back .

    In Kerala , Modi gathers more votes than CPM if there is divide comes between Hindus and the rest . CPM knows very well . CPM is really in trouble for their murder politics : most of their leaders are in jail and its followers are looking for an alternative . If Hindu unity comes , it is beneficial for a strong Hindu leader who has great vision to implement non- discrimination polices and scrapping all discrimination on the basis of religion .This leader should come from National level : Modi has a chance and I never say others are not equal to Modi : Sushama Swaraji is very capable like our Jaity . But our future leaders should have a vision how these discriminated policies implemented by congress should be removed to prevent cancer of religious fanaticism

    Educational Discrimination against Hindu born children :

    In the name of minority : UPA has given special educational funds for minority community in the coming 5 year plans . This fund should be used for poor Hindu born children also. How children feel in a school when one community get fee concession while Hindu children are denied such
    facilities . Even , the same facilities are given to students of elite institutions while Hindu parents are not able to send their children to such institution

    (1) Discrimination on the basis of religion on educational sector should be scrapped and the same
    facilitates should be given girl children of Majority community

    (2) Minority status of educational institution should be withdrawn :

    (3) All restriction imposed on Hindu educational trust should be banished


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