Bharatheeya Abhibhashaka Parishad Kerala State Unit celebrated November 26 as  National Law Day, the day on which the Constituent Assembly of India officialy accepted the Indian Constitution in the year 1949. A “Law Day” Message by B.A.P State President were distributed to all Judicial Officers, Lawyers and M.L.A “s all over Kerala. This year the theme of Law Day Message was “Challenges to internal security in India“.

District level programmes were held at various districts

A Law Day Meeting was held at the District Court premises at Vanchiyoor. B.A.P State Vice President Adv. K.S.Rajagopal & District President Adv.P.Santhosh Kumar addressed the gathering.

A discussion on ” CHALLENGES TO INTERNAL SECURITY IN INDIA” was conducted at Press Club Hall, Kollam. The discussion was inaugurated by Adv. P.S.Sreedharan Pillai, Senior Lawyer and former State President of B.J.P. According to him India does not have an effective legislation to contain terrorism in the country. India had not defined terrorism so far. While terrorists act with meticulous care and calculation, our administrative and judicial system had failed to define terrorism properly. The investigating system in the country has not been able to present the evidence in Mumbai terror attack at the international forums as we have not defined terror in the proper manner, he adds. According to Adv Sreedharan Pillai, the United Nations had defined it as war against the country using weapons. But due to political interests we most often dilute the definition of terrorism. After the attack on W.T.C in New York, no targetted attack occured in the siol of U.S.A as they made effective legislation against terror along with strengthening of the security. But in India we were abolishing the TADA and POTA, he said. According to him corruption is a seroius threat to out internal security. In India now a days all the institutuions of the Constitution had plunged in to degeneration raising serious threat to the future of the country. Institutions such as the CVI, the PMO and the media had been maintaining criminal silence for the past one year over the sensational tapes related to the 2G Spectrum issue despite the Income Tax Department  had handed it over to the C.B.I.

B.A.P State General Secretary Adv. R.Rajendran presented the topic. Senior lawyer, Adv C.Rajendran, District Secretary Adv.P.Arul, Adv.S.Harikumar & Adv.K.R.Ambili spoke on the occasion.

A discussion on the proposed “LAWYERS REGULATION BILL” was conducted at Ernakulam. The topic was presented by Adv.N.Nagaresh and the discussion was inagurated by Senior lawyer, Adv K.Ramakumar of Kerala High Court. The High Court Advocates Association President Adv.V.V.Sidharthan, AILU Secretary Adv. Asok Cheriyan, Lawyers Congress President Adv.V.V.Joshy, B.A.P District President Adv.T.C.Krishna & Secretary Adv.Manmadhan spoke on the occasion.

A discussion on “AYODHYA VERDICT” was conducted by the Thrissur district unit at Irinjalakuda. BJP National executive member Adv.P.S.Sreedharan Pillai inaugurated the discussion. Former Muncipal Chairman Adv. T.J.Thomas, Bar Association President Adv.M.A.Joy & Dr.Chandran participated in the discussion. Adv.V.Gireesan presented the topic. Adv T.R.Sivan and Adv.S.M.Rajeevan spoke on the occassion.

A discussion on “SIXTY YEARS OF INDIAN CONSTITUTION” was conducted at Palakkad by the district unit. Senior lawyer, Adv.Sivan Madathil inaugurated the discussion. Adv.M.Udayasankar, Adv.Sreeprakash, Adv.Anoop & Adv.Santhosh spoke on the occassion.


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    Thank You. Please keep up the good work.


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